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One fact is added about the Middle East every week:

  • Sunday, February 6th 2011

Middle Eastern people do not separate professional and personal life. Doing business revolves much more around personal relationships, family ties, trust and honour. There is a tendency to prioritize personal matters above all else. It is therefore crucial that business relationships are built on mutual friendship and trust.


  • Sunday, February 13th 2011

Arabs are “Semites”.  We’ve all heard the term anti-Semitism being used — often to describe Arabs. While antisemitism does specifically indicate hatred against Jews, the word “Semite” comes from the Bible and referred originally to anyone who spoke one of the Semitic languages.
The most widely spoken Semitic languages today are Arabic (206 million native speakers), Amharic (27 million),Tigrinya (6.7 million), Hebrew (about 5 million) and Aramaic (about 2.2 million).