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The recent uprisings in Egypt has many organisations outside the Middle East very concerned as the prices of Oil is soaring and posing uncertainties in the region as to what effects this wall of dominoes will have on other key players of oil production such as Saudia Arabia.

This can tell us the strategic importance of Egypt in the region and hence explains the tendency of many governments to intervene with the pathway to transition of Power to gain most probably a secure hold over this scarce resource. Events such as separation of Southern Sudan from North due to USA’s involvement can indicate to us that the hunt and security of oil in the region is very much crucial. Iraq certainly has become much more stable than the beginning of the invasion as the trend of bomb attacks are focusing on religious sects of the nation; bombs blowing up in middle of pilgrims in the area and so on, this could be debated the most efficient way to take control of a country to initiate a vague civil war within country borders and the looting proceeds, very much similar to mercantile nations during the Imperialism age (strategy used by the Brits in looting most of South Asia)

Egypt is said to have losses equal to approximately $300,000,000 every day. Being in such a state the IMF has scanned for a prospective deal with their client as Caroline Atkinson (Director of External Relations Department at the IMF) has stated that her organisation has also been monitoring activities in the region closely.




I think that presupposes that we know what kind of instability in the economy there may be. [For that] we have a normal range of tools. We can give economic advice, and we would be ready to do that as soon as the situation is clarified. As I mentioned, we have a range of tools. [We have a range of advisors]. We’ve recently been in Egypt and had some advice at that stage, as I said, focusing on the need for broad-based and inclusive growth and measures to tackle unemployment. And so I’m sure that, as things become clearer in coming days, we can tell you what we’re doing, but at the moment, like many other people, we are mostly monitoring. – Caroline Atkinson (

Lets all hope we don’t have another Jamaica or Indonesia as our Neighbor tomorrow!

Maybe this is what Hosni Mubarak means by Chaos if he leaves.

Egypt gets drowned more in the world economy or civil unrest if Egypt should be an Islamic State (Muslim Brotherhood take power) and pursue steps of Iran to fight against USA’s arrogance and greed, although May not align on Iranian side due to sect difference of religion and we may have two regional powers with similar goals and minor differences. On the other hand one could say Egypt may turn into another sudden emerging Turkey in the region but with the latest attack on the Gas line heading towards Israel and Hosni still on his seat after Friday’s “day of departure” anything is possible !